22 Feb 2002, 22:50

The Conspiracy is Real, or

The Conspiracy is Real, or so claims the most recent addition to the graffiti on the inner door of the elevator in the building where I work. I love campus graffiti. Frequently vulgar, entirely random, and more often than not unintentionally humorous, the graffiti on campus almost makes it worthwhile to go down there just to see what gets added. Until it was recently cleaned, graffiti also on the inside door of the elevator at work proclaimed boldly and entirely without context, ASSJACK! I always thought it was the most random thing and had to fight to keep from giggling each time I rode the elevator. (Yes, I giggle. Just like a freakin’ girly girl.) I’ve honestly never heard the word assjack before. Its probably some new hip slang I missed out on. Its probably also something horribly offensive. That always happens to me when I start flinging about words when I don’t know what they mean. So have a nice day, assjack.