15 Feb 2002, 02:50

Yesterday I hit up some

Yesterday I hit up some thrift stores with my friend BZ, but was disappointed for the most part. Its mostly “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or Planet Hollywood t-shirts and ugly sweaters (“That’s a Cosby sweater, a Cosby sweatah!“) I did find an incredible fleece-lined leather cowboy vest, but its one of those things that you have no idea when you’ll ever wear it, but you just know that someday the opportunity will arise and you’ll be ready. Or it’ll just sit around forever. At two dollars though, how can you not take the chance? I got a couple plain t-shirts though, because BZ knows how to do t-shirt printing/silk screening/whatever it is you do. I’m hoping to put this picture on a shirt (warning: link contains johnny cash flippin the bird… to the Man!) I love that picture. Man, do I hope it works out.