09 Jan 2002, 04:58

Apologies in advance for any

Apologies in advance for any spelling errors in this, my long awaited return post. Blogger no longer has spell checking, and I’m trying to type with gloves on since its so very very cold here at work. So far so good. I guess a lot has happened in the time that I haven’t been blogging. For one thing, it seems that apparently we have a new year, did you know that? Well, we do. The New Year is a magical time, full of hope and dreams, in which I feel that all the various peoples of the world should put aside their differences and come together to give me lots of money and ceaseless adoration. Also there should be buildings named after me. Inexplicably, this has yet to happen. Instead, I just find myself getting around to blogging about the new year just about the time everyone else has given up on their resolutions. For the moment, I’ll presuppose that you ask “Why is that? What was the reason behind your brief blogging break?” Well I’ll tell you. You see, I realized that there was more to life than introspective naval gazing placed on display for the whole world. I wrote a novel. I travelled abroad and had a series of sordid affairs with exotic international women, each more torrid than the last. I brought new life into the world, yet I became Death, destroyer of worlds. I petted puppy dogs. I sampled an astounding array of gourmet ice creams and frozen confections. I had my name legally changed and forgot what it was soon after. I said a lot of things that I thought were terribly clever at the time, only to realize how inane and cliche they were later on. I rambled. I used an ellipsis… I played Final Fantasy X for a total of 82 hours. There.