24 Dec 2001, 03:05

I’m back in Dayton until

I’m back in Dayton until Tuesday night for the holidays and what have you. Every time I go back to Dayton, I remember how glad I am I don’t live in Dayton. Reason #347: Dayton is a very nu-metal sort of town. Linkin Park, anyone? That just sort of grates on the nerves after a bit. Still, I’m glad I came home. I haven’t seen my family much this year, and I just realized that I hadn’t slept in my old room at all this year before now. Also, some of my extended family on my mom’s side (aunt, uncle, cousins, etc) stopped by for a brief visit on their way to visit other relatives. It was cool to see them, especially since my cousins are also into the rock and roll much like me so its always fun to talk to them.