20 Dec 2001, 17:42

I just got back from

I just got back from clearing the last load of crap out of my ex-computer lab in Converse Hall. That’s right, I’m now a supervisor without a lab to supervise. A ronin in the feudal Japan that is the public computer sites if you will. (You probably won’t, but that’s ok. Its my lame analogy and I’m sticking with it.) The College of Business decided that they wanted to take over the site in Converse, and apparently the capitalist pig-dogs can take whatever they lay their greedy bloodstained fingers on. Bastards. No, actually I’m quite fine with this. You see, I get to keep the same supervisor pay without actually having any of the responsibilities. I’m just going to be working in the office now, which will actually be much more interesting than just sitting in a lab by myself all day.