20 Dec 2001, 04:10

I’ll freely admit it, as

I’ll freely admit it, as if it wasn’t obvious enough from my last post, I’m hardly a die-hard Lord of the Rings fan. I mean, I just finished the first book yesterday. Nevertheless, I was really excited about seeing the first movie today, and I wasn’t disappointed. Honestly, I can’t recall ever seeing a better book-to-movie translation. Almost all of the differences between the two didn’t detract from the feel of the book and were probably necessary to fit the different medium. My only major complaint was that they revealed things in this movie that didn’t happen in the books until the 2nd novel. Sort of a spoiler for me, but I guess its my own fault for not having read all of them sooner, eh? Strictly visually speaking though, I thought the movie was stunning. It made just about every other fantasy-type movie seem hopelessly cheesy in comparison. Of course, plenty of them look cheesy on their own merits, but still.

Stopping off in the bathroom after the film, I was incredulous to seem someone take a cellphone call while at a urinal. I was just a little disturbed by this. Who does this? I’ve heard of this from other people, but I didn’t think people really did this. There are some times that I just don’t want to be reached, and honestly I’d rather not have the sanctity of my post-film bathroom break violated by taking a phone call. What would that conversation be like anyway? “Oh hi mom! *flush* Hold on, I’ve just got to zip up here!” I’m not sure, but I think this is what voice mail was designed for.