11 Dec 2001, 15:14

Ahhh…. Hear that faint hissing

Ahhh…. Hear that faint hissing sound? That’s the sound of my brain letting off all the extraneous knowledge I picked up this quarter as I approach my nearly-vegetative winter break state. Quick, ask me a question about the stress/strain properties of ceramics. I don’t know! Ask me something about the Motorola 68HC11 simulator. Not a clue! Yes, I’m having a great time doing nothing but rotting my brain with these crazy electronic “video games” the kids are so fond of these days. However, not everything is perfect. There’s the little matter of that graphics project I was so worried about last week. Yeah, that. My group royally screwed ourselves by trying to write our own data structures from scratch in no time. We tried to re-invent the wheel and uh, didn’t do such a great job. Fortunately, our professor was really gracious and gave us an incomplete and time to finish it over break and get a better grade. Its a good thing, but now I’ve got to work on it over break.