07 Apr 2009, 02:34

It’s official: Gorman 2009 edition is now under development


[]2{.flickr-image}After going this long without posting anything, I figured that I’d better wait until I had something really noteworthy to write about and, well, this is just about as big as it gets:  we’re gearing up for the next major release of Gorman this year!  This one’s a complete rewrite from the ground up with a lot of functionality we’re really excited about.  It’s currently in alpha and as you can see from the screenshot we’re not quite feature complete but things seem to be coming together quite well.  We’re looking at a release date in mid-October and committed to an 18 year support cycle for this release.  Ok, I figure I’ve stretched the geeky allusions to software development just about as far as they’ll go (and besides, spawning a child process has already been used).  Jolayne and I are both incredibly excited and we can’t wait to be parents!  Jolayne’s looking forward to getting a nursery ready and I’m already looking forward to registering a domain name for him or her (that’s just as important, right?).  It’s still a little surreal but it’s finally starting to sink in now that we have some images.  See you at the launch party!


Comment by Ben Lewis on 2009-05-14 11:00:39 +0000

Congratulations Will & Jolayne, I had no idea that you guys were expecting and if I did I forgot so congrats.