20 Nov 2001, 04:21

I’m not quite sure why

I’m not quite sure why I think Dead Man’s Switch is such a cool idea. It’s actually pretty morbid. The deal is, its a program with a timer that you have to reset periodically. If you fail to reset the timer because, oh I don’t know let’s say you’re DEAD, then the program can post messages to websites, send out email messages, and encrypt files on your computer. My only problem is that in the event of my untimely demise, I doubt my computer would remain on long enough for the trigger to activate, especially if it was set for weeks or months. If only there were some way to host this remotely on a machine that wouldn’t ever go down. At any rate, let this serve as a warning that should I suddenly cease to be, I still have the means to release your most damaging secrets to the world. Yes, even that one. So don’t try anything funny.