17 Nov 2001, 16:34

Last night was the best

Last night was the best night of live improv comedy that I’ve seen at OSU in, well, ever. Derek and the rest of the Monkeys rocked out for a full house, and hilarity ensued. Great skits, witty biting satire (even if they did take a few cheap shots, IMO), and far fewer awkward moments during the improv bits. Believe me, the last part is important if you’re a person like myself who feels painfully awkward seeing people being painfully awkward. I do have one problem with improv comedy in front of a college audience, and I will demonstrate it in a sample dialogue I like to call “College Improv: A Play in One Act with an Overwrought Obvious Moral and Little to No Character Development”.

Improv Troupe Member: Can someone in the audience give us a scene to act out?

College Student: Penis! Boobs!

While the above scene never exactly occurred, regretfully it is not an exaggeration.

It was also cool to see Brett there, even if it was just for a few minutes. The show went longer than I thought, and I had to jet right afterward to give someone a ride home, so I didn’t really get to stay around and “kick it” afterward.