05 Sep 2001, 01:15

That’s right, I’m still here.

That’s right, I’m still here. Today at work, I spent most of the day plowing through the archives of McSweeneys. So much wryness, so little time. Very smirky & self deprecating, but that’s just my kind of thing. Hi-larious. Speaking of work, I only have 3 days left at Chemical Abstracts Service. After that, its off for a week in Alaska with my father where we will most certainly be devoured by giant bears or dashed against sharp rocks after falling from a great height. This should be great fun. Really, honestly, no sarcasm. I mean, Alaska, not the bears and rocks. Yesterday, I picked up a CD-RW drive and a 40 gig hard drive for my sister’s computer, which means I’ve now got all the parts for it. All it needs now is an OS, and it should be ready for her. While I was out getting the drives, I managed to pick up 128MB of FREE RAM for myself. Ok, ok, so it was $20 with a $20 rebate, but still… FREE! CompUSA was sold out of the RAM, but having roommates that work there certainly has its advantages, as they were able to hold one back for me. Whee!