17 Sep 2007, 05:19

Audiobooks coming to eMusic this week

Well, this news kind of takes a little of the sting out of losing Epitaph from the eMusic lineup. It looks like eMusic is going to start selling audiobooks. DRM-free, of course, and considerably cheaper than iTunes as well. It sounds like they’re going to have The Daily Show’s book so I think I’ll need to pick that up. Also, I heart David Pakman. From the article:

“Our customers don’t steal music,” said David Pakman, chief of eMusic, of the company’s 300,000 subscribers, who pay from $9.99 (for 30 songs) to $19.99 (for 75 songs). “A lot of them are technically sophisticated, but they’re not prone to piracy.”

A media company CEO who doesn’t assume that their customers are thieves? Wha? What a novel concept!