13 Nov 2001, 04:29

Back from a solid weekend

Back from a solid weekend of geekery. I spent all day Saturday coding for my graphics class, which has become a major time sink but I’m loving it. (Except when I spend the last 8 hours before a lab is due working on some mysterious bug that never gets fixed) Sunday was my very first LAN party, which involved transforming my place into a super geek lair. Between my roommates and I we had our own 4 computers, and then 6 other people brought theirs over and set them up in the living room. After power and network issues got all resolved, we had an insane Operation Flashpoint session that lasted until almost 4 am. Today I sat around and watched Space Ghost episodes instead of homework. Oh yeah, and Friday I saw The Man Who Wasn’t There, the new Coen brothers film, which was very enjoyable in that odd Coen brothers sort of way. Much closer in tone to Fargo than to the more recent O Brother, Where Art Thou. No real stand-out character performances, like John Goodman or Tim Blake Nelson’s characters in The Big Lebowski and O Brother, Where Art Thou respectively but a very good film nonetheless.