04 Jun 2007, 04:15

Geocaching Round 2

Jolayne and I headed out on another geocaching trip this afternoon, since the weather was nearly perfect. We were initially going to try to find the Airplane Observation Cache up by the airport, but it turned out that the park it was near was overrun by Little League mania (since it contains several baseball fields) so we opted to pass rather than deal with the traffic and crowds. Instead we went with our backup, a cache named Trio of Fore, which was a multi-part cache. This was only our second cache and our first multi-part one so we didn’t know what to expect. The idea of a multi-part cache is that the initial coordinates will lead you to the first part, which will just be a small cache with only the coordinates of the next cache to find, and so on until you reach the final cache which will be a regular cache. As we got started, we ran into another geocacher on his way out who said that he had been able to find the first one but not the second and wished us luck. We found the first one without too much trouble even though it was cleverly disguised (a plastic tube in a fake tree branch) but sure enough the second one ended up being much trickier. It seemed like we were going to have to admit defeat when Jolayne finally uncovered it. The cache was just half a tennis ball with the coordinates of the final cache written on the inside, nestled in some brush at the base of a tree. (The cache was right behind a tennis court so it didn’t look out of place at all) With that step taken care of it was pretty easy to get the last one, since it was just in a regular ammo box cache.


Comment by Jolayne on 2007-06-05 17:48:50 +0000

And who found that last cache, Will? I think you left that part out of your story.

Comment by Will on 2007-06-06 07:27:34 +0000

But of course, how could I forget: http://www.flickr.com/photos/willgorman/528637190/

Comment by Seth on 2007-06-12 07:57:01 +0000

Thanks for getting us hooked!

I’d heard of geocaching a while back, but didn’t own a GPS or know much else about it. After mentioning your blog posts to Amanda, she insisted that we get in on the craze. It’s the perfect past time for us — equal parts geekiness and outdoor adventure.

We’ve been caching since Saturday, and have already done 3 of them. Thanks again! I’ll get some details posted at cKure.com here in the next day or so.

Comment by Will on 2007-06-16 10:00:36 +0000

Cool, I’m glad you guys like it too. It’s definitely a good way to get out from in front of a monitor while still keeping the geek receptors in the brain happy. What’s your username on geocaching.com? We’re on there as wgorman.