10 May 2007, 03:38

That’s a lot of water

While it’s not even close to the huge flood Parkville had in 1993 the past few days have certainly been interesting. After getting a massive amount of rain on Sunday and Monday the Missouri river decided to annex English Landing park and was looking in the direction of downtown Parkville as well. The downtown area Parkville, about 1.5 miles from our house, was evacuated on Tuesday as the water covered almost all of the park near the river and started to fill the street that leads to the park, which is also the main street through town. It got within a few feet of some of the buildings but fortunately I don’t think it actually reached any of them. The police had barricades up though and if the water had gotten any much higher it would have blocked the road that we take to get pretty much everywhere from our house. We still could have gotten out but through a much longer route. Our house wasn’t ever in any danger either, as even though we’re not far from the downtown area we’re on a hill elevated almost 150 feet above the river level. It was pretty surreal driving down the road though and seeing huge fields next to the river entirely covered in water, or going past the park and seeing just the tops of benches sticking out next to half submerged lampposts.