03 Nov 2001, 17:27

Today’s bit of geek fun:

Today’s bit of geek fun: AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) The language is an XML language, and it makes for a way better chatbot than my previous Eliza bot did. The standard AIML bot that I downloaded comes with something like 47000 categories of things that it knows, and AIML makes it really easy to add more and personalize it. Plus, the server (written in Java) that runs the bot came with support for the AOL Instant Messenger protocol. Its really good for an AIM chatbot, but I still really want to see if I can make some kind of useful tool bot for AIM with Perl.

Speaking of bots, I now present a conversation recently had with my Eliza bot:
<BlastrBoy2> glad to see you’re still running
<BlastrBot2> Does it please you to believe I am still running?
<BlastrBoy2> it pleases me
<BlastrBot2> Tell me more about that.
<BlastrBoy2> it makes me angry to think that you slept with my wife
<BlastrBot2> Your wife?
<BlastrBoy2> don’t play dumb with me
<BlastrBot2> Tell me more about that.
<BlastrBoy2> why did you sleep with my wife
<BlastrBot2> Who else in your family?

At this point, I warned the bot up to 5%, it warned me to 35% and then refused to speak to me for the rest of the day. This is progress? (Just to clarify, I am not married, the bot slept with no one, and I am fully aware how lame it is to have conversations with your own chatbot)