09 Jan 2007, 05:47

That’ll be a mulligan, thanks

I recorded the OSU vs Florida national championship game tonight. What I intend to do is to loop Ted Ginn’s return of the opening kickoff for a touchdown over and over so that it fills the entire duration of the game, 30 glorious seconds at a time. In this game, we win by something like an unheard of 400 points. If nobody minds too much, I’d like for this to be considered the official version of the game, and for what the nation witnessed tonight to be dismissed as a humorous outtake, or perhaps a crazy alternate reality thought experiment. I do not feel this to be unreasonable.


Comment by Tobin on 2007-01-11 22:40:52 +0000

That game hurt me so much.

Comment by Ash on 2007-01-12 01:37:02 +0000

dude, its a big10 affliction man. don’t take it personally.

but, rotflmao about your PVR version of the game