29 Aug 2006, 03:21

Geotagging goes prime time at Flickr

Ohboyohboyohboy! I’ve been waiting for this ever since Geobloggers closed up shop when Dan Catt went to work for Flickr. Flickr has finally rolled out their integrated mapping/geotagging functionality, so no more having to use 3rd party apps/sites for tagging/viewing and the best part is that it still recognizes the same geobloggers tags so all the pictures I’ve mapped before show up already. I’m obviously excited about geotagging pictures (perhaps a little too much so, you might think) but now that it doesn’t require any Greasemonkey scripts, extensions, or other websites, maybe geotagging will gain a bit more exposure and acceptance. It’s super easy to do, there’s just a new tab in the Organizr called “Map” where you can search for locations and drag and drop your photos onto the map. Furthermore, you can even keep some level of privacy by specifying who’s allowed to see your geotag info. The only real downside is that it (well, obviously) uses Yahoo maps instead of Google, and they just don’t always have as much detail in some places. It does seem to be a little slow at the moment, but I wonder if that’s just from thousands of giddy geeks putting it through its paces. At any rate, here’s the map of all my geotagged photos.


Comment by Eduardo Manchon on 2006-09-08 04:35:18 +0000

If you prefer Google Maps for mapping photos Panoramio, may be interesting for you. Btw, you can later watch the photos in Google Earth KML feed, a much better experience than web based maps.