23 Apr 2006, 21:22

Our first anniversary!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a full year since the crazy, hectic wedding planning came to an end and our long awaited wedding finally arrived. Despite having to brave freezing rain and snow at the end of April (and of course it’s unseasonably warm at this time this year) it was without a doubt the happiest, most special day of our lives and a lot of that was due to all of our families and friends who were there with us. We went out to celebrate Friday night by going to Skies for dinner, a revolving restaurant that offers some pretty cool views of the KC area. Oh, and some really nice food too. Definitely a good choice for an anniversary dinner out. Today we learned that even though we’ve only been married for a year apparently we’re already starting to think exactly alike. We both managed to get each other the same gift completely independently: cooking classes for 2 at the Culinary Center of Kansas City. Well, not the exact same gift fortunately. Jolayne signed us up for a class on BBQ and I got a gift certificate so we still need to figure out what class to take with that. Anybody want to be victims volunteers to test out the results of our soon to be acquired cooking-fu mastery?


Comment by Tobin on 2006-04-23 19:19:37 +0000

Haha, that’s really funny. It’s seems like a fairly random gift, too.

So who was the first one to open their gift? Could they keep a straight face?

Comment by Will on 2006-04-23 21:10:52 +0000

Jolayne was the first one to open the gift and, no, she pretty much lost it. We both thought it was hilarious.

Comment by Ash Bhoopathy on 2006-04-24 20:53:42 +0000

Hahaha, you fatties! (kidding)

Congratulations on your first anniversary, dude, that’s awesome. 1 of many to come.

Comment by Posko on 2006-04-27 16:43:37 +0000

Ah yes… waiting for that day to arrive soon. Is it that common these days for the Bride and Groom to get each other gifts? I’ve heard about people doing that, but Kimberly and I decided not to.

Anyways… Congrats!!!

Comment by Will on 2006-04-30 23:30:09 +0000


I’m not sure if that’s very common or not for the bride and groom to get each other gifts traditionally. Jolayne and I weren’t going to since we’d talked about it and decided that the honeymoon trip was really enough of a gift. Then she got me a PSP anyway, definitely not a traditional gift at all. Not that I’m complaining.