15 Apr 2006, 04:28

BBQueue – A Yahoo! Widget

This has kind of been out for a while now and I meant to post about it earlier but it sort of got overlooked in the craziness of moving and whatnot, but I put together a widget for Yahoo! Widgets (the exclamation mark always seems like a little bit much to me) for checking up on the movies in your Blockbuster queue. It’s called BBQueue (Oh don’t worry, I’m already aware just how terribly, terribly clever that is.) I think it’s pretty handy if, you know, you use Blockbuster instead of Netflix, which we do. Netflix is kind enough to provide RSS feeds for their user’s lists but Blockbuster apparently isn’t too hip about what the kids are up to on the internets these days. As a result this widget gets by on screenscraping and I’d be almost willing to guarantee that if Blockbuster makes any changes to their site it’ll break my modest regex-fu. But for now it works, so hopefully it’s of use to someone and maybe someday I’ll get around to adding some more functionality to it.


Comment by Neal on 2006-04-14 22:22:49 +0000

Regular expressions for the win!