08 Dec 2005, 03:20

Baby got backend

Notice anything different about the site? Hopefully not. Over the weekend I finally got around to converting my MovableType database from Berkeley DB to MySQL. Exciting stuff, I know. I couldn’t even tell you why I initially went with the BerkeleyDB when I had a perfectly good database just sitting there waiting. It’s embarrasing, frankly. Let’s never speak of it again. I’d been putting it making the change forever because I was convinced something would go horribly wrong in the process. In actuality it was very simple and everything seems to be working fine since then. The official help page for upgrading MovableType databases was really helpful. The whole thing went so smoothly that it’s actually got me considering taking the big step and upgrading to from MT 2.661 to MT 3.2 or whatever they’re up to these days.