03 Dec 2005, 22:31

Our new house

Our new house

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As of about 10 am yesterday Jolayne and I are now officially homeowners. We closed on our house, a nice little split level in Parkville, MO (How about that, the Parkville community website recommends FireFox. That’s certainly a promising sign) It’s a nice town a few minutes northwest of downtown KCMO. One of the things that we like about it is that it’s not too suburbish and has its own little downtown/main street area with a bunch of local shops and restaurants (including the excellent Piropos) So yeah, we really like the area it’s in. We really like the house itself too (which is, you know, probably a good thing). It was the 10th or 11th house we’d looked at I think and as soon as we walked in we knew that would probably be the one. We’re not actually moving in until the end of January though, the former owners are going to be renting from us until then (that’s right, not only are we homeowners now, we’re landlords. I may have to add that to my resume.) That works out really well because our apartment lease isn’t up until the end of February anyway. The hard part is waiting until then, but on the other hand I’m not looking forward to moving everything (but who does, right?) At least the only thing we really need to do before we move in is some painting (the bedrooms and one bathroom). I’ll probably get some pictures up of the inside once we start moving in.


Comment by Brett on 2005-12-03 15:41:57 +0000

Nice looking digs, bro. Let me know if you need a hand on moving day…oh, wait, on second thought, don’t.

Comment by Neal on 2005-12-03 19:50:59 +0000

That’s awesome. Congratulations. :-)

Comment by Carrie on 2005-12-04 01:33:09 +0000

Congrats! 😀