31 Jul 2005, 18:45


VNC Client for the PSP

Originally uploaded by willgorman.

Here’s another one for the more-cool-than-practical files. PortableVNC, a VNC client for the PSP. It’s amazing how well it works, even if it’s pretty awkward to try to view a 1280×1024 desktop on a 480×272 screen. The only major drawback right now is one that’s common to all homebrew apps that make use of the 802.11b connection. Apparently no one’s figured out how to get a connection using DHCP to work yet so they all require you to assign a static IP. While that works fine at home, it’s not really a viable solution for using a public access point on the go. I’m sure that that will get taken care of eventually though. Meanwhile, Sony’s released version 2.0 of their firmware and it finally includes a web browser. Of course that comes at the cost of losing the ability to run any homebrew apps. I think I’ll pass, thanks.