21 Jul 2005, 06:07

Nerds on parade

Kimmee has just posted an awesome video taken at the San Diego Comic Con featuring amazing footage of nerds in their natural habitat. (And yes Carrie, they even got Stormtrooper Elvis.) SPOILER ALERT: She meets the actual real honest to goodness Lando Calrissian and wins at life. Man, I’ve really got to make it out there one of these years.


Comment by Carrie on 2005-07-21 03:14:06 +0000

You MUST come to Comic Con sometime. It’s completely surreal and absolutely fun.

I swear to God my friend Lee is in the background of that video and I had to have passed Kimmee (and crew) at least once beacause some of the stuff they filmed I saw at the exact same time — I swung by to see Lando twice, for example.

Stormtrooper Elvis rules!

Yay Nerd Prom! 😀