09 Mar 2005, 05:34

Completely Amazing

I had no idea this was even remotely possible, but here’s a technology demo for a first person shooter done with Shockwave. In a browser. Wow. I mean, I guess it’s just a proof of concept but it seems to be surprisingly well put together. It takes a while to load (I wouldn’t even want to think about loading all those textures over dial up) but once it got going it ran really smoothly for me. That’s just amazing.


Comment by Carrie on 2005-03-09 00:52:26 +0000


For ease of reading. 😀

That game is amazing, but I really really suck, lol.

Comment by Tobin on 2005-03-11 08:22:52 +0000

Oh man, I just checked it out, and they’ve taken it down, leaving only the following message:



Testing for Alpha build 248 is over. Next version should be ready in about a month. Thanks for playing!

Comment by Will on 2005-03-12 11:44:19 +0000

I’ve been syndicated! I expect royalty checks should start arriving any day now, right? Wow, I can’t believe my xml feed is actually being used.

And I can’t believe they took down that demo already :(