28 Oct 2001, 18:28

New Dismemberment Plan and Fugazi

New Dismemberment Plan and Fugazi albums currently in effect here. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the D-Plan album, as their last output on Emergency & I is easily one of my favorite albums. Even though I knew going in that it was a much more sedate, spazz-less affair I thought it wouldn’t phase me. I certainly dug all the live material I’d heard from it. As of right now, I’m just not really feeling it and its not even because of the change of musical focus. Lyrically it just doesn’t seem to be up to par with amazing lyrical charm of Emergency & I. I miss Travis spitting out line after line of crazy rhymes at breakneck speed. It could well be that I just need more time to digest, and maybe I’ll find myself digging the album more. Its about as far from a bad album as you can get though, and highly recommended. Haven’t finished the Fugazi disc yet, but so far it seems to be on the level that you’d expect from a band of their ability. Much more hummable than I expected from Fugazi too.