22 Feb 2005, 18:57

Modest Mouse @ the Uptown Theater

Jolayne and I saw Modest Mouse at the Uptown Theater tonight with Mason Jennings opening. Mason Jennings was alright, kind of like a less hippie-fied Jack Johnson singer/songwriter guy with a backing band. Not without its moments, but not great either. As for Modest Mouse, it was a good show, although not quite what I’d been hoping for after waiting so long to finally see them. For one thing, the sound was a little off (not too bad though). The real problem was that the Uptown is all seated and while that’s nice for certain shows I’m sure, it just didn’t seem right for this. Also, Jolayne and I ended up in the balcony which has a nice view but is pretty far from the stage. So even though there was a lot of energy on stage, it didn’t really have as much impact in the balcony seats. I still really regret not going to see them in Columbus when I had the chance a few years ago. That was in a smaller venue and probably would have been more of the experience I was looking for, but tonight was still enjoyable.