05 Feb 2005, 15:32

New Furniture Day!

A couple of weeks ago Jolayne and I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart and picked out some new furniture: a bedroom set, a table and chairs, and a new desk and chair for my computer. Well, that all got delivered to my apartment this morning, with the time range for delivery set at 7:00am-9:00am. Needless to say, I was hoping it would end up being much closer to 9, but of course they showed up at 7:20. I was supposed to get a call when they were on their way which I had planned to wake up to, but they didn’t call so I was caught totally off guard in the middle of a deep sleep when they got here. Having furniture delivered is a somewhat awkward process I’ve found, as it just feels wrong to me to stand around doing nothing while other people are doing all the work. However, on remembering that I did in fact pay for that service I got over it quickly. The furniture’s all here now, but unfortunately there’s a small chip in the footboard of the bed and a small scratch on the table that’s been poorly covered with wood putty. That’s kind of shoddy, and I’m going to have to call the store to see what they can do about it. It looks like it’s time to get ready for my least favorite sporting event ever: the 100 meter customer service hurdles.


Comment by Dan on 2005-02-05 08:51:36 +0000

I agree–it does feel weird standing by and letting them do the work. But as they were hauling a couch up my stairs above their heads, I reconsidered my discomfort.

When they delivered mine, they said somewhere between 6-9pm. Then they showed up at 11pm. Poor guys.

Comment by Brett Wilms on 2005-02-05 17:28:38 +0000

This must be deliver new furniture day, because I just got my couch I ordered back in October. Score.