30 Jan 2005, 03:46

Moving Day

Well, after 2 years in the same apartment here in KC (I still can’t believe I’ve been here that long already) today I packed up and moved to a new place. Moving is always a major hassle but fortunately we had Jolayne’s uncle and cousin and my friend Ash helping out. That made the whole process run pretty quickly and smoothly, and I was loaded up from my old place and into the new in about 4 hours. We’d gotten a couple of inches of snow the night before, which was a minor inconvenience, but nowhere near as bad as the 10 inches that were on the ground when I moved out of Columbus. Hopefully this is the last time I move in the dead of winter for a while.

The new place is a spacious 2 bedroom apartment in Mission, KS. It’s about the same distance to work as my old place, and more importantly its about 2 minutes from Jolayne’s apartment (my old place was about 25 minutes away). This is very very nice. Conveniently its almost exactly in between where Jolayne works and where I work (she works south of KC, I work north). This is good, because this also happens to be the apartment that we’re going to live in after the wedding. So far I really like the place, though there is a minor issue with the garbage disposal. It’s broken, and I mean like the smoking and reeking when you turn in on kind of broken. Hopefully they’ll get that fixed pretty quick. Other than that things are good. I’m just getting things unpacked and set up. As you can tell, I’ve clearly got my computer and RoadRunner set up. I’m sure that doesn’t surprise anyone that knows me. In fact, the cable guy was out to set up RoadRunner before we even started unloading the truck. It’s all about keeping your priorities straight.


Comment by Tobin on 2005-01-31 07:35:15 +0000

Maybe you should try moving back to Columbus some time.

Comment by Sarah on 2005-02-01 17:05:03 +0000

Which is more important bandwidth or food? Who needs furniture anyways? A computer on the floor still works. Glad to know the move went well.