16 Jan 2005, 05:35

I learned the Spell of Mastery!

This might just be getting my hopes up for no good reason, but apparently there’s a site out there about the attempt to get a sequel to Master of Magic made. I was in nostalgic bliss a while back when I found the game available as abandonware, but the thought of a sequel finally being made is really really exciting. Providing it’s done right. (Master of Orion 3, I’m looking right at you. No. Don’t even look at me.) There’s nothing official yet, but apparently Stardock is serious about getting it made and is working on getting the license to the series. I haven’t played any of their games before, but apparently they’ve done a few turn based strategy games so they might be reasonably qualified. As long as there’s a chance it might get made and it might be good, that’s enough for me. I mean, I guess a poorly made sequel would be better than no sequel at all. Unless you’re Master of Orion 3.