26 Oct 2001, 22:53

Just to clarify, I was

Just to clarify, I was in heaven. Low covered “Last Night I Dreamt that Somebody Loved Me” by the Smiths. I really couldn’t ask for more, but the rest of the show was just as good. As far as I was concerned, it could have gone on forever. I still can’t place my finger on why such simple slow sad songs can make for such a riveting live performance, but they sure did. Most of the audience sat cross legged on the floor, something I’ve never seen at a show before. It was just like kindergarten, but for indie kids. My friend Craig remarked that they should serve milk and cookies between the sets. The show had a very relaxed feel to it, and Alan, Mimi, and Zak would often go into a huddle in between songs to decide what to play next, occasionally taking suggestions. The only real disappointment is the t-shirt I bought which is way too small. I started to buy a medium from Zak, but he suggested a small. I went with his advice figuring “Hey, he probably knows how they fit better than I do” Needless to say, I should have done otherwise. Would anyone like a very small Low t-shirt? Seriously.

Today I had an interview with IBM. I have no idea how it went, other than not terrible. It was one of those where you just can’t really get a sense of how they feel about you and there’s really nothing that made you stand out, good or bad. Maybe I’ll hear from them. Maybe not.