18 Dec 2004, 05:46

Who needs a vacation?

Tomorrow morning Jolayne and I are going to hit the road and head back to Ohio for the holidays. We’ll be there for just a little over a week, which will be nice since its the first real vacation time I’ve taken this year. I’ve got about 3 weeks saved up now, but I can’t really afford to use any more since I’ll need to have a bunch of time off for the wedding next year. Fortunately, my vacation time rolls over from year to year. By the time the wedding rolls around next April, I should be back up to 3 weeks by then which should work out nicely. Anyway, both Jolayne and I are really looking forward to seeing everyone back in Ohio (and also to getting the 11 hours of driving behind us). As per the usual procedure when we go anywhere, I’ll be lugging around my laptop, PDA, digital camera, and MP3 player which gives me just about everything I need to maintain my technophile standard of living short of a broadband connection. The downside? Keeping track of 5 separate chargers and power adapters. Fuel cells for portable electronics need to get here right now.