15 Nov 2004, 02:43

Home again

I got back from Springfield yesterday, and its definitely good to be back again. Contrary to what I thought earlier, even with working in an ER, nothing very interesting went on. Which is mostly a good thing in my mind. I actually spent most of my time in a back room writing code, as exciting as that is. In the time that I spent out on the ER floor, I didn’t see any major trauma. The only odd thing was doing troubleshooting with an occasional scream or moan in the background. I found that somewhat unnerving. This ER was pretty tricked out as far as the tech goes, which was interesting to a gadget nerd like me. They had huge plasma screens to use as tracking boards, and there were tablet PC’s that the doctors could carry around in addition to having computers next to every bed. It might sound a little cheesy, but I thought it was pretty great to see doctors and nurses actually using software I had worked on.