30 Sep 2004, 04:13

They don’t call it Rocktober for nothing

After a more than year long unintentional abstinence from rock shows (which would have been unthinkable not too long ago) I’m about to get back into it in a big way with 5 shows that I’m planning on going to in October alone. They are:

  • October 2nd: Yo la Tengo @ the Grand Emporium
  • October 15th: Death Cab for Cutie/Travis Morrison @ the Beaumont
  • October 17th: Sonic Youth/PJ Harvey @ Uptown Theatre
  • October 21st: The Decemberists @ Jackpot Saloon
  • October 30th: RJD2 @ the Granada

So yeah. We’ll see if I can handle all that after such a long break from the rock and roll. Naturally, more details should follow after each show but I thought I should get the word out now so that if you don’t hear from me than you can safely assume that I’ve probably been rocked out of existence.