19 Sep 2004, 06:14

The very meaning of quixotic

Well, chalk up another massive task of questionable value completed for me. I’ve finally finished going through and rating all of the tracks in my music collection. That might not seem like much, but with 8,000+ songs it takes a little longer than one would like. The problem that this was intended to solve is simple: I’ve got way too much music and even my massive highly-developed brain is having a hard time remembering what my favorite tracks are from the stuff I listen to less often. It also helps for easily figuring out what music to put on my portable player, since it only holds 20 gigs and I’ve got about 18 gigs of favorites alone right now. It’s nice to know that all the effort put in to rating won’t be easily lost since this Ratings Migration plugin for Windows Media Player will save the rating in the mp3 tag of a file and can be used to rebuild the ratings later on. I’m betting it wouldn’t be impossible to write something to import those ratings into iTunes or Winamp either, if I ever renounce my evil Microsoft supporting ways.