17 Sep 2004, 04:44

You’re so vain, you probably think this photo-mosaic is about you

Today while sitting at work and thinking about something obviously important and work-related, this idea struck me: “Could I make a photo-mosaic of myself out of the album covers from the albums I own?” As it turns out the answer was yes, and fairly easily too. There’s probably some easy symbolism there about being made up of the music that you love, but I’m sure its been done before. Anyway, here it is. To get the whole effect, the full size version is available here. (~1MB) Bonus points for whoever can recognize the most covers. If anyone is interested in doing anything similar (or even not at all similar but still photo-mosaic related), the program I used is Foto-Mosaik. It’s freely available as postcardware, which apparently is basically freeware where you’re supposed to send the author a picture postcard. I hadn’t heard of that before, but now it looks like I need to figure out how much postage it takes to get a postcard to Germany.


Comment by Posko on 2004-10-07 22:07:21 +0000

I was stupid enough to think you actually did that by hand… just for a few seconds though. :)

Very cool… and artsy too…

Hafta watch out though, too much of this will make you snooty. Soon you will be talking about how your golf game was off and how you only drink wine that has aged more then 20 years.