31 Aug 2004, 02:06

Worlds of Wooohooooo!

I got back from Ohio yesterday to find an email notifying me that as a subscriber to Fileplanet I would be guaranteed a spot in the imminent Worlds of Warcraft closed beta stress test. So hopefully within a few days here I’ll be getting my first look at what is quite likely the most anticipated MMORPG ever. Of course like most stress tests it’s going to be brief, lasting just 7 days but I’m just eager to finally see everything I’d been enviously reading about from the initial closed beta testers.


Comment by Tobin on 2004-08-30 19:53:56 +0000


Comment by Phil on 2004-08-31 10:30:20 +0000

I’d probably be a bit more excited about this if I’d ever played a MMORPG. As it is, I’ve got too many things to do and not enough time or money.

Give me an RPG I can beat in a few weeks… something like KOTOR. :)

Comment by Posko on 2004-09-01 12:34:27 +0000

Yay! Seven days of lag and unplayability… I’d still take that over no WoW. :)

PS: I haXXord your web d00d!

Comment by Ben Lewis on 2004-09-03 22:16:04 +0000

Im with you Will all the way!