16 May 2004, 17:10


If you had told me prior to last night that a movie featuring Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Christopher Walken could be so completely and thoroughly mediocre as Envy, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But, as Jolayne and I found out last night, I’d be wrong and you’d be right. It had a few scattered bits of moderate funny, but mostly in just a quick gag or two. Nothing about the plot or characters was really that memorable or funny and in the last 5 minutes or so seemed to stop trying entirely. As a side note, I don’t know why all movies with Christopher Walken don’t contain the credit “…and starring Christopher Walken as himself” because let’s face it that’s pretty much what he does. Not that I don’t appreciate it. The bright side of the whole thing is that we saw a trailer for Napoleon Dynamite that we pretty much laughed straight through. That looks like its going to be the most friggin’ sweet nerd movie ever.


Comment by Carrie on 2004-05-16 18:42:12 +0000

Yay! I can’t wait to see Napoleon Dynamite!

Hm … seems like we should wait for video to check out Envy.