14 May 2004, 06:11

Guess I’ll be putting off that upgrade

The developer release of MovableType 3.0 was announced today and it looks like there’s been a good deal of fallout about it, primarily around the new licensing structure. The new model would only still be free if you were limited to one author and 3 weblogs. Anything beyond that starts costing $$$. I’ve only got 1 author and 2 weblogs right now, so I could upgrade to 3.0 for free, but I don’t know if I want to. I don’t have any plans to do any multi-author stuff or to create more blogs but its good to know that I could if I wanted to. Unlimited use is a pretty powerful draw, even if you don’t plan on really using that. Also, I don’t really have any complaints with version 2.661 aside from comment spamming which hasn’t been too bad so far. If that gets a lot worse, it might prompt me to upgrade. And if the plugin architecture for the new revision is as good as its supposed to be and a ton of awesome plugins start coming out, that could maybe pull me in as well. I don’t have a problem with the fact that they’re charging now, it makes sense to me. However, the pricing seems a little steep, so if I did upgrade I’d definitely be staying within the 1 author/3 blogs limit.


Comment by Dan on 2004-05-17 11:59:12 +0000

Brad Choate has a good entry talking about the new MT license. Basically, if you’re using multiple blogs to power one site, you’re in the clear.


Comment by Will on 2004-05-17 18:39:53 +0000

Thanks Dan, that’s good to know! So it’s less restrictive than I initially thought, but I still like the thought of being able to add authors for friends or family members, or even maybe host a blog for them. Going to MT3 would definitely limit me from doing that. Are you planning on upgrading?