12 May 2004, 05:00

How’d they <i>do</i> that?

.kkrieger is a pretty graphically impressive and very short on plot or explanation first person shooter game. Apparently plot is one of those things that you sacrifice to fit the game into 96 KILOBYTES!!!!!. Holy crap. The average FPS almost certainly has single textures bigger than 96KB, and here they’ve put the whole game in that amount of space. It does take a really long time to load up, so I’m guessing they must be pregenerating just about every texture on the fly. I can’t really think of any other way they’d accomplish that. It’s a bit demanding on system resources, but worth checking out at least once. Besides, it’s not like waiting for a 96KB download is that bad anyway.


Comment by Dan on 2004-05-12 00:15:35 +0000

I read about that a while ago. They’re pregenerating the textures at runtime using those fancy math things… what’er they called? Ah yeah.. formulas.

Comment by Carrie on 2004-05-13 01:31:32 +0000

I know how they did it: magic. And wizards.