08 May 2004, 03:40

Soon my <strike>death ray</strike> TiVo clone will be complete

I bought this case, slightly used, from a guy at work this week, for a little less than half of what it goes for new on NewEgg. Probably should have tried to talk him a little lower, but oh well. It’s a slick looking case and will make a fine body for my TV recording/game console emulating entertainment machine. The front usb ports should be perfect for hooking up game controllers. The only pieces I have left to get are a power supply and possibly a hard drive. I probably don’t really need another hard drive, I should just take one out of my current box but you know how I am about storage. Also, I need to invest in some kind of super-remote control that can be used to launch and switch between programs. If such a device exists, then I’m set.