29 Apr 2004, 05:36

Well that’s just great.

Looking at the recent mass of identical nonsensical comments on my last post (which are soon to be deleted) it looks like I’ve become the target of MT comment spamming. I really thought I’d be too small time to get hit with comment spam, but I guess I underestimated the depths to which spammers sink. I guess they won’t stop until they manage to spray everything on the internet with a thick layer of crap. I guess I’ll see if it keeps up or not before I take action. My options seem limited to either requiring registering to be able to comment (to those of you that occasionally comment: would you mind this?) or getting the MT-Blacklist plugin set up.


Comment by Dan on 2004-04-29 00:53:06 +0000

Ahh. You’ve reached the rite of passage. I’ve only had two waves of spammers. Been lucky since then. MT3.0 is supposed to have some pretty nifty blacklisting options, whenever it comes out.

Comment by Carrie on 2004-04-29 03:01:47 +0000

I wouldn’t mind registering … if it helps keep spammers away, I’m all for it.

Comment by dave on 2004-04-29 16:30:08 +0000

Spammers have gotten me a couple times. Because of that, I wound up disabling commenting for most entries on my Movable Type site. Most of the people who comment on my stuff usually do so in LiveJournal, so it works out OK for them.

I’ve read that earlier versions of MT had worse, where it would use a mail sender script within MT to propagate spam; I’m very glad not to have been bitten by that one.