26 Apr 2004, 01:47

Xbox + PC + router = Xbox Live – $$$

Even though I do 99.78% of my online gaming on the PC, I’m still pretty intrigued by Xbconnect, which was pointed out to me by a resourceful co-worker (one of the few people I know of at work that’s a gamer, which I find odd for a software company). Anyhow, Xbconnect is a program that tricks your Xbox into thinking it sees other Xboxes (Xboxen?) on a LAN when in fact they are on the inter-web. This lets you engage in Xbox Live style multiplayer action, sans yearly fees. When I heard about the program, I had really expected it to just be something simple where you had to know the IP addresses of the boxes you wanted to play with. Not so, it actually comes with a pretty good match making setup for finding people to play games against. Right now the only game I have to play online is Halo, but now that I can play online without signing up for Live, I’m thinking of picking up either Crimson Skies or Mech Assault now.


Comment by Carrie on 2004-04-26 14:25:41 +0000

Ingenious. Stick it to the man!