20 Apr 2004, 04:16

Unilateral Cowboyism

There’s a cool article from Lawrence Lessig in this month’s Wired on the potential for intentionally destructive technologies to arise and more importantly, the circumstances that would influence a group to use them. One of the reasons: “Our present course of unilateral cowboyism will continue to produce generations of angry souls seeking revenge on us.” While I’m not sure how plausible I find doomsday scenarios in general, I have little doubt that with the way our nation conducts its self internationally and the increasing amount of tech available to various factions that feel marginalized, a catastrophic event of that nature seems almost inevitable.


Comment by Neal on 2004-04-20 08:45:18 +0000

Thanks for pointing that out – that was a good article. Larry Lessig is one of my heros.

Comment by Carrie on 2004-04-22 07:34:34 +0000

Unilateral Cowboyism … that’d be a great name for a band