15 Apr 2004, 06:11


Tumiki Fighters is a completely and mind-blowingly insane side scrolling shooter based around the concept of adding the wreckage of other ships to your own as a power-up. Entire chunks of massive ships attach themselves to your ship giving extra firepower and absorbing damage. I’m also fairly sure that its entirely impossible, as it often fills the screen with ridiculous bullet barrages made even harder to dodge by the fact that you’ve got about 5 other planes hanging off of you at any given moment. However, that hasn’t noticeably decreased my enjoyment of it. The same developer has several other games, and its good to see that someone is keeping the super twitchy shooter genre alive. (via Penny-Arcade)

[Listening to: Pinetop Seven – Fear of Being Found]


Comment by Phil on 2004-04-15 11:26:14 +0000

Wow. I can only get to the second level. I don’t ever remember a linear shooter being this crazy!