13 Apr 2004, 03:48

A Softer World

I just found out about this fine web comic, A Softer World. (via Carrie) It’s an interesting twist, using photographs instead of your regular hand-drawn comics. Often, the images work to give the comic that extra little poignant push from “Haha” into “Haha… Oh.” At other times, it’s more like just “Oh.” without the “Haha”. I likes it. Also they have a fine collection of over-the-top-with-cleverness cover letters, something that reminds me a little too much of the impulses I felt during my long job search a couple years ago.

[Listening to: Pizzicato Five – My Baby Portable Player Sound]


Comment by Carrie on 2004-04-13 01:39:19 +0000

Yaaaay! Another asw fan is born.

Joey’s cover letters are freggin’ great … sad thing is he’s forgotten how to write a “real” cover letter. Lol.

Comment by Dan on 2004-04-13 10:18:21 +0000

Wow. I’m impressed. Thank you. You were right, sometimes it’s “ahhh… clever” and other times its “ahhh.. oh….. my.”