29 Mar 2004, 00:22


Jolayne’s finally back from her week long Disney cruise for her mom’s birthday. Not a minute too soon either, last week just kinda dragged by. Of course I’m thrilled she’s back, but it doesn’t hurt that she came back with gifts either. She picked up some coconut patties (shaped like Mickey Mouse, naturally) for me, and this book about Miyazaki from the Epcot center. It looks pretty interesting. Apparently she still feels like she’s on a ship and hasn’t gotten used to not having the ground moving under her constantly quite yet. It probably doesn’t help that I keep yelling out things like “Aye aye, sir”, “Hard to port!”, and “We’re taking on water, cap’n!”

[Listening to: June Panic – Only Give Light To The Morning]


Comment by Carrie on 2004-03-28 19:33:00 +0000

Poor Jolayne … she’s gotta get her land lubbin’ legs back! Arrr matey! Savvy! (Its really fun to talk like a pirate).

That Miyazaki books looks sweet! Pretty pretty pictures. 😀

Comment by Phil on 2004-03-29 13:04:05 +0000

She got you a Miyazaki book? She’s definitely a keeper. :)