27 Mar 2004, 05:02

Now Playing (a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon.com)

When I initially switched to MovableType, I began using this clever trick with TrackBacks and the DoSomething plugin for WInamp to build a list of recently played tracks. Then I came across this tutorial for using some MT plugins and the overlib javascript library to display album info from Amazon in a hovering popup. I had to do a little extra work myself using the MTPerlScript and MTTagInvoke plugins though, since when I’m streaming my music from home at work it doesn’t send the ID3 tag info needed to search Amazon so I had to pull it out of the song title. I think the end result is pretty cool. In the process I found that there are plugins for MT that will do pretty much anything. Seriously.

[Listening to: The Decemberists – Los Angeles, I’m Yours]