17 Mar 2004, 05:48

Think Geek strikes again

Once again, ThinkGeek has tormented me with their selection of wonderful geek goods at ridiculous prices. This may well be the best doormat idea ever, and is bound to perplex many a non-geek neighbor. But really, $50 for a doormat?? What with all the outsourcing going on nowadays, is there really anyone left of the sort of people that would be inclined to get this that has pockets deep enough to drop $50 on a piece of vinyl and carpet to wipe dirt on?

[Listening to: Radiohead – There There. (The Boney King of Nowhere.)]


Comment by Carrie on 2004-03-17 00:09:42 +0000

Haha! Thats fantastic … they make a t-shirt o’ that too, I think.

$50 is pretty steep for something people wipe their dirty shoes on.