28 Sep 2003, 01:19

Wow, there’s really not much

Wow, there’s really not much better than spending an entire Saturday in the office is there. No, I thought not. At least I had one thing going for me making it somewhat bearable. That would be SLIMP3. Recently (thanks to eMusic) my mp3 collection swelled beyond the limits of my 20GB Nomad3 player. Since I’m somewhat obsessive about having access to my entire collection at once the obvious solution was to switch to streaming for getting my music at work. (Sticking an 80GB drive in the Nomad will probably follow at some point, unless I replace it with an iPod.) I’ve got to say, I’ve been nothing but impressed with SlimP3. It’s got a nice customizable web interface, it seems to be solid as a rock thus far, and it seems like it would be easy to extend its functionality with perl plugins.